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Export Data

Generate Reports

You may export your list into either Excel or as Text in a number of formats. You may also choose to export your entire list or just select properties. Lists can be exported in as many versions as you wish as often as you wish by returning to this page.

  1. Select the file type you want, Excel or Text.
  2. Select the layout for the list (NOTE: Heritage versions are intended for NJ only).
  3. Either select specific properties to export, or check the "Select All" box to export the entire list (Allow the screen to refresh after selecting Select All).
  4. When your computer asks what to do, select "Open with" and be sure that "Microsoft Office Excel" shows for Excel files, or "Notepad" or similar program shows for Text files.
  5. For Excel files, once your list opens in Excel be sure to Save As the type Excel Workbook, entering the filename and folder location you want.
File Type
File Format
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