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JurisDeed: A future-forward due diligence solution that’s long overdue. 

The JurisDeed company was founded by tax sales expert Stephen Morel, an attorney with decades of experience. (You can learn all about how tax sales work in his home state of Louisiana by listening to the recent Tax Sale Insiders podcast interview with Brian Seidensticker, and reading Morel’s extensive white paper.) He created and launched JurisDeed as an innovative due diligence and underwriting solution, and now it’s available to anyone to help them save extraordinary amounts of time, labor, and frustration. 

The Problem 

The creation of this phenomenal resource was inspired by Morel’s desire to address an epidemic problem encountered by tax sale investors, that extends not just across the Bayou State, but nationwide and across several industries involved with real estate. Traditionally, underwriting to mitigate risk before insuring a property – particularly in the case of a property involved in a tax sale – has been a dreaded, time and labor intensive process. That is not only frustrating and expensive, but it can lead to decades-long backlogs of delinquent properties that cannot get approved for title insurance. That means many millions of dollars in potential tax revenue remains in limbo, and cannot go back to local communities through tax sale auctions.

The JurisDeed Solution

JurisDeed however, provides accurate public records data for all states – and makes it available through a centralized online platform, eliminating the need for all that hard-copy and retyped paperwork and making it easy to instantly share documents. JurisDeed helps attorneys with faster due diligence, helps government agencies deliver essential data to constituents, and helps tax sale investors automate their processes while connecting lost titles to living heirs. 

JurisDeed Products

There are three main offerings from JurisDeed:

  • SNAP $45+ gives you access to a fully automated title search from the most recent ownership change to the present.
  • CORE $65+ lets you do a title search from the older of 10 years or two fee-simple ownership transfers back, including all liens.
  • PRO $95+ does a full state-specific statutory search from the present up to 40 years back and includes all liens.

Titled IP Skip Tracing

JurisDeed can give you complete property details and a market summary; an interactive map with parcel boundaries; tax, assessment, zoning, and land use details as well as tax sale and foreclosure details; a full recordable legal description; best contact information for current owners/lienholders, and deliver results in just 3-4 business days. Research is accessible through the online portal, data export, or PDF download and is up to 50% faster and less expensive than the industry average – and basic skip trace results are included with every title report. JurisDeed also offers digital solutions for verified notification of interested parties, without manual mailing.

The Bottom Line

Tax sales due diligence, title insurance underwriting, skip tracing, and other related tasks are notoriously laborious. They usually require time-consuming searches, burdensome manual typing and retyping of important documents, reams of paperwork, and expensive help from attorneys and other third parties. The traditional way it’s done is more reminiscent of the 1920s than it is of the 2020s. But JurisDeed has eliminated all that, as a future-forward, extremely valuable digital solution with robust capability to empower you. Plus it’s available at very affordable price points, tailored to your specific needs. With JurisDeed you can get back to focusing on what you love and do best within the tax sales space – while you work exponentially faster and smarter. 

Learn more about how Stephen Morel has been involved in the legislative changes for the state in the comprehensive interview about the Louisiana investment process.

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