No Hype Policy

You may see many sites on the Internet, infomercials on TV, or have attended seminars that use catchy phrases like the following, and make vague promises with regard to tax sale investing.

“Make thousands a week investing in tax sales while working from home!”

“Get a house for $1!”

“You can make over 50% in yearly interest by investing in tax sales!”

You won’t hear hype from Tax Sale Resources!

We won’t promise that you will become a millionaire. We DO promise to provide you with the most timely, accurate, and complete tax sale information available. We spend our time obtaining the data that you need to make your tax sale investing decisions. We put our effort into finding new and better tools to make your research and due diligence easier.

It is our policy to bring you the tools and information you need without the hype. We pledge to provide you a clean, straightforward website, with true and relevant tax sale data.

At Tax Sale Resources, the only catchy phrase you will ever hear is about how we are “Standing out from the hype!”