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State Summary

Alabama is a tax lien state. The interest rate is 12% and the redemption period is three years. This majority of this state now practices a bid down method starting at 12% maximum; however, some counties still practice the bid up premium method. In this state, the jurisdiction office that handles the sales is normally the Revenue Commissioner but can also be called a Tax Collector on occasion. Most sales in Alabama are held in April to June of each year.
According to state statutes, Alabama requires all tax collecting entities to advertise for at least three weeks. Tax liens auctions in this state are open to the public and all years delinquent are advertised and sold at those auctions. An origination cost and auction cost are applied to every lien when purchased. Funds for each purchase is due immediately at the closing of the sales. The tax lien certificate holder also has the first right to purchase subsequent delinquencies for that same parcel. A tax lien certificate holder may also abandon the certificate at any time with notice to the tax collecting entity.

If the lien is not redeemed within the redemption period, the tax lien certificate can be brought to the county tax office and exchanged for a deed to the property. Left-over liens are handled at the state level by the Alabama Department of Revenue. An online application is available to buy the “left-over” liens from the state, the parcel number is required. Each county holds a list of properties sold to the state and it is available from the county’s tax office or state website. The Over-the-Counter lists are also available at Once application for the certificate is made, the state revenue department will respond with a price quote letter and the buyer will then have twenty days to respond to the price quote by sending in a cashier’s check for the stated amount. Forms and exact procedures for purchasing state owned tax delinquent properties are available at:

Summary courtesy of Joanne Musa's State Guide