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Premier Customer Service

Our information is delivered electronically, but our customer service is 100% human. We pride ourselves and are known in the industry as having the best customer service available. Let us help with of all your investment needs!

Nationwide Tax Sale Calendar

We are the only provider that covers every sale in the nation. We track over 5000 jurisdictions and schedule over 8000 sales nationwide every year. We then make them searchable so you can attend the sales that maximize your return.

Resource Directory

Looking to expand into a new area and require due diligence or a proxy bidder? Need an attorney familiar with the industry, or other knowledgeable industry professional? TSR's Resource Directory is full of contacts from across the nation.

Buy County Held Tax Liens

Gain access to continually updated lists of tax liens available for sale directly through counties. Over 800 lists and 70,000 liens are collected annually, and available in one place.

Buy Bank Owned Tax Deed REO

A small percentage of tax liens end up converting into tax deeds. Instead of waiting, gain access to hundreds of properties available for purchase immediately.

Advertised Tax Sale Lists

Over 4,200 jurisdictions release thousands of tax sale lists each year totaling over 1.2 million parcels nationwide. Access those lists that are collected and updated daily.

Weekly Industry News Updates

As a member of the TSR database, you will receive up to date information concerning changes in the industry, important statute considerations in different states, news about legal actions that may affect your daily investment activities, and much more...all delivered right to your inbox each week!

Weekly State-Specific Sale Updates

Sale dates and locations can constantly change in some states. Gain insight each week into where sales are happening and when with our weekly updates straight to your inbox.

State Statutes & Sale Process

Just getting started in tax deed or tax lien investments? Or maybe you are expanding into a new state? We provide a top level description and direct access to state statutes governing the sales you may be interested in pursuing.

What Industry Leaders are Saying

I've been an investor or an investor's agent in the tax certificate industry for the last 19 years. I started back in the days when we collected all of our own data. We paid dearly for the data and more for any mistakes so we learned fast. There has always been many barriers in the way of data collection. I have always placed a high priority on getting accurate and complete data. As a result, for the majority of my career I was not willing to purchase tax sale/asset data sets from outside firms. Tax Sale Resources has broken through most of the barriers and now provides more...

-- Michael DeLuca, Vice President InVesta Services

I have been more than pleased with the level of service I have received from Tax Sale Resources. They are dedicated to getting you what you're needing while offering suggestions when facing obstacles. The communication is consistent and they have been very willing to educate us along the way. I look forward to growing with them in the year ahead.

-- Brenda Flatter, Executive Director of National Sales, Meridian Title Corporation,

I've been doing business with Tax Sale Resources for a few years. TSR is the only resource that has nationwide reliable information on tax sales. I love it because I can do a custom search on their site and find out what tax sales are coming up all over the country. I can even specify what kind of tax sale - lien or deed, live or online, I'm looking for. I can even filter these tax sales by bidding procedure, state, and whether or not they sell over the counter liens or deeds. Because I think that their service is indispensable to tax sale investors, I include a subscription to TSR for members of my Tax Lien Profits Accelerator™.

-- Joanne Musa,

Optional Additions

Data Enhanced Tax Sale Lists
Want to maximize your return? We specialize in data and combine our years of experience producing data nationwide with your feedback to deliver the most effective data set available. Data includes the following, but is always expanding.
  • Assessor Information including current market/assessed values
  • Owner Information including mailing addresses
  • Parcel Details including location addresses
  • Deed/Mortgage History
  • Flood Hazard Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Hazard Risk Data
  • Back Tax Data
  • Past Sale Results Data
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Custom Data Processing
Do you have a list of parcels unrelated to a sale, or are you needing data for a county RFP? We can append data to any list of parcels to help you maximize your return, regardless of your investment approach.
- Premier Customer Service
- Nationwide Tax Sale Calendar
- Data Enhanced Tax Sale Lists
- Custom Data Enhanced Lists
- Tax Sale Resource Directory
- Monthly Industry Newsletter
- Entity Contact Information
- Due Diligence Shortcuts
- State Statutes & Sale Process