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Buy and Sell Tax Liens and Deeds

Invest In Tax Liens & Deeds Across The Country

Sell Your Tax Lien or Deed Before It Matures

If you want to invest in tax liens & deeds outside of your local area, our online supermarket is the perfect tool. Many investors do not have the time or the extra funding needed for traveling to several auctions. Our online platform allows those investors from across the country to connect. You can purchase tax liens/deeds from other investors and have them signed over to you.  You can also purchase tax liens & deeds "Over The Counter (OTC)" directly from counties.

Do you want to invest in tax liens & deeds, but do not want to wait the potential 3 years before you get your return? Attend your local auction and sell your tax liens & deeds in our online supermarket for a fee of your choice. It is open to all users for selling their tax liens and/or deeds to other investors.

Are you a county with excess liens & deeds following your auction?  Join now, and contact us.  We will open additional features that allow you to upload required forms (W-9, etc.) and help streamline the process.  Then, gain access to all our members by post your liens here.  (Note:  When joining as a county entity, please use the format CountynameState, ex: MaricopaArizona, as  your username.) 

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