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Tax Sale Resources - Nationwide Tax Lien, Tax Deed, and Redeemable Deed Research

Level up and take command of your tax sale research

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Access. Find the best investments nationwide.
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Speed. Research thousands of properties in minutes, instead of days.
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Confidence. The most up-to-date, comprehensive data set available.
Nationwide tax lien and tax deed research platform
"It's an amazing tool. We went from attending a few select auctions in a couple states to being able to underwrite all properties in every auction across 4 states without any increase in overhead. Definitely recommend it to anyone interested in tax deed properties."
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Ben Harris
Westview Land
“I love it. We buy and sell vacant land across the country with Texas being one of our current target markets. With access to Tax Sale Resources-Research, I can underwrite 800+ properties in 100+ auctions across the entire state in less than a couple hours. Amazing system!”
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Stephen Seal
Fund Manager
Maritime Land
Tax Sale Resources - Management

Regain control and grow your tax lien portfolio

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Organization. Turn investing chaos into organized growth.
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Flexibility. Build your own reports, and access your data in the format you want.
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Speed. Batch your work instead of doing individual repetitive tasks.
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Nationwide. Everything you need to manage your local or nationwide tax lien portfolio.
Pricing starts at $1,000/month
Nationwide tax lien and tax deed portfolio management solution
“The Tax Sale Resources - Management solution has freed up my valuable time and streamlined my processes which enables me to keep my team size in check, while still providing my lenders the data and visibility they need to fuel our growth.”
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Trey Gulledge
Tax Brake
"The Tax Sale Resources Research & Management solutions allow our small, 3 person team to manage tens of millions of dollars of purchases easily each year. This allows us to keep our resources to a minimum providing for a greater return in our overall portfolio."
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Bob Power
Low Volatility Tax Lien Fund
Tax Sale Resources - Financing

Unique funding solutions before insurable title

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Scale. Grow your portfolio with access to more capital at reasonable rates.
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Flexibility. Capital structures for both tax liens and tax deeds prior to having marketable title.
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Speed. Apply in less than 5 minutes. Funds wired within 24hrs of approval.
Tax lien, redeemable deed, and tax deed financing by Tax Sale Resources
Tax Sale Resources - Trade

Transparent transaction management and escrow services

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Neutral. 3rd party escrow services to hold funds and transfer documents.
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Transparent. No hidden fees. All parties know exactly who is getting paid what.
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Experience. 12+ years of industry knowledge in transacting portfolios, both large and small.
Secondary market broker for tax liens and tax deeds
"We've worked with Tax Sale Resources on many transactions. They've saved us a couple times where another broker or the seller wasn't assigning things correctly. Tax Sale Resources was able to catch that and make sure it was all fixed."
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Jared Hollinger
Guardian Tax Partners
"When Evolve entered the tax lien space, we had the opportunity to purchase a $4million portfolio in New Jersey and needed help with the process.  It was recommended we work with Tax Sale Resources.  There were some unexpected challenges getting everything transferred appropriately and Tax Sale Resources has been a life saver."
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Debra Gates
Managing Partner
Evolve Bank & Trust

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