The story of how we got started in the tax sale industry

Tax Sale Resources was started by a brother and sister looking to bring small town trust and service to the multi billion dollar tax sale industry.

Industry discovery
Jan 2007 - June 2007
Like most tax sale investors and professionals in this industry, we did NOT aspire as young boys and girls to be in this industry.  We, for lack of a better word, “fell into” this industry doing what many real estate investors were doing in 2007...buying, rehabbing, and selling properties.
Tax deed fix and flip
During our fix and flip days one of our properties received a notice of a pending tax lien.
Research and validation
June 2007 - Sept 2007
Having received our notice we started consuming any and all tax sale data we could get our hands on.

This research quickly turned into a new investment thesis.

We would raise a small fund and start capitalizing on the bountiful opportunities.
Scratching our own itch
Jan 2007
As a small fund we realized the "simple" task of finding when sales occurred and the associated sale lists was not so simple after all.

In fact, it was absolutely miserable for the few states we were active in; Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.
Active states in portfolio
So like any investor looking to scale, we set out to solve our issues and started collecting the information internally.
Idea inception
Jan 2008
Along the way it was suggested we make our data public on a fee basis, so investors could split the data aggregation cost.

With that simple idea Tax Lien Database was born.
Tax lien database
New paths
Jan 2009 - Jan 2010
New introductions can lead to new paths, and that's exactly what happened in 2009.

This chance encounter lead to the formation of Tax Sale Resources.
Original tax sale resources logo
The need for nationwide tax sale data was both undeniably needed, and a difficult problem to solve...

And we were up for the challenge!

At this time, we dissolved our fund as we felt it was important to be an unbiased provider to investors in our industry.
Filling a new need
June 2013
Several data customers of ours approached us to help transparently and securely complete their tax lien portfolio transactions as the third party intermediary.

There was an industry trust gap, and we were there to fill it.

It quickly became apparent the need for these services was large enough, so we decided to make it official.

And what started as Vision Tax Lien Services, evolved into Vision Trade Desk, and ultimately Tax Sale Resources - Trade.
Vision Trade Desk Logo
Building tools along the way
Sept 2013 - Sept 2019
Over the next few years we continued to advance our offering, to both include nationwide data coverage as well as launching various data research tools for the visual researchers.
All previous products built by Tax Sale Resources
Commitment to a comprehensive offering
Sept 2015 - Present
Dealing with investors large and small, it quickly became apparent there was a market gap in tools that allowed you to efficiently and effectively manage your liens.

In 2015, Tax Sale Resources became a minority partner in the software development company, SDA Solutions.

This partnership would focus on investing in product solutions for tax sale investors.
SDA Solutions LLC Logo
Staying committed to the end goal, we developed an incredibly capable, flexible, and nationwide lien management platform, Speedboat.
SDA Speedboat Logo
Followed by the most advanced due diligence software built for the tax lien, deed, or redeemable deed investor, Lighthouse.
SDA Lighthouse Logo
Combined expertise
Jan 2020 - Present
The founders of Tax Sale Resources and SDA Solutions completed a full merger to combine the software development expertise of SDA Solutions and the data expertise of Tax Sale Resources.
Combined expertise in the tax sale industry
This merger would enable the combination of the platforms into one central source for industry leading data, software, and services enabling tax sale investors to command their investments and grow their portfolios with unprecedented speed.
New and improved
Aug 2022
Our merger will allow us to better serve our customers by offering them the best available tools, resources, and services.

While we have a new logo and offering, our same desire to help others succeed will continue to be our driving force behind every product and service we offer in the future.
The newly updated Tax Sale Resources logo

This may have been the Tax Sale Resources origin story, but we assure you...We are just getting started!

Come along for the ride, as we work to make tax sale investing available to everyone. If you would like to get involved, please reach out as we would love to chat.