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Decreased Risk. Trusted third party escrow of funds and transfer documentation to derisk your transactions.
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Fair and Transparent. Insight and mutual agreement to all fees, expenses, and transfers.
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No More Wondering. Both buyers and sellers can sleep easy knowing all the details will be taken care of by Tax Sale Resources.
Secondary market broker for tax liens and tax deeds

Join the other tax sale investors who have transacted more than $120 Million of assets using Tax Sale Resources as their broker

"We've worked with Tax Sale Resources on many transactions. They've saved us a couple times where another broker or the seller wasn't assigning things correctly. Tax Sale Resources was able to catch that and make sure it was all fixed."
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Jared Hollinger
Guardian Tax Partners
"I've transacted several portfolios through Tax Sale Resources.  Due to the portfolio sizes, the transfer process can be a challenge to account for every penny and have  a reconciliation able to hold up during an audit.  Tax Sale Resources has been outstanding to work with in that regard. Always detailed and helpful."
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Stephen Chunias
Edgewater TL Fund
"When Evolve entered the tax lien space, we had the opportunity to purchase a $4 million portfolio in New Jersey and needed help with the process.  It was recommended we work with Tax Sale Resources.  There were some unexpected challenges getting everything transferred appropriately and Tax Sale Resources was a life saver."
Tax Sale Resources 5-Star Rating
Debra Gates
Managing Director
Evolve Bank & Trust
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Here's what you can expect with us as your broker

Buyer and seller agree to terms and are formalized into a purchase and escrow agreement(s).
Buyer places funds into escrow. Seller provides all appropriate assignment and transfer documents (varies by state) to Tax Sale Resources for verification and recording.
Recording of assignments and transfers is still a very manual process in most states. Tax Sale Resources organizes and monitors the transfers to ensure everything is transferred appropriately.
Some redemptions typically occur during the transfer process.  Tax Sale Resources documents everything and accounts for that prior to final release of funds with a mutually agreed to closing statement.
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