About Tax Sale Resources

Tax Sale Resources is revolutionizing the tax sale industry by making accurate tax sale information and premier resources easily accessible to investors and other tax sale industry professionals.

Tax Sale Resources has been the industry’s leading company in tax sale data for over ten years. Creating a comprehensive, high value resource for tax sale investors was imperative.

By combining three major aspects of information needed for confident tax sale investing, TSR provides all data and resources in one site:

  • Jurisdiction Information: TSR provides contact information (phone, fax, email, address, etc.) for each jurisdiction that controls the tax sale.
  • Upcoming Sale Specifics: TSR constantly monitors upcoming tax sale information including sale date & start time, location, website (for online auctions), sale type (lien, deed or redeemable deed), and bidding method, as well as other details pertinent to the auction.
  • Property Data: TSR provides tax sale data in various easily navigated formats. This includes a complete sale calendar that can be exported into MS Excel.

Top Four Reasons to Use TSR:

  • Experience: Every state is slightly different when it comes down to when and how they advertise their lists. The entity controlling the tax sale also varies nationwide (Sheriff, Tax Collector, Clerk, Treasurer, etc.). TSR has been monitoring 50 states for two years and continues to learn more every day. The lessons learned, “tricks of the trade,” and relationships we have built with over 4,500 jurisdictions and industry professionals nationwide, are incredibly valuable for tax sale investors looking to cover several states. TSR makes every effort to share that knowledge in order to increase the success of our customers.

    TSR also provides a Customer Sales Representative (CSR) for customers who are looking to purchase in bulk and/or those that are investing across several states. The CSR is there to answer any questions, receive orders, and act as the direct contact for the company.

  • Consistency: TSR is the only tax sale data provider that offers data-appended lists in a consistent format nationwide. This very aspect alone opens up opportunities for investors to easily import data into investment software and utilize tools that aid in investment decisions without having to keep a team of data manipulation experts on staff. That equates to additional savings and a higher ROI for investors.

    Most importantly, TSR strives to provide the most up-to-date and accurate tax sale data within the industry. Quality checks are in place to ensure data accuracy, and constant monitoring of tax sales is required in case any changes in sale date or venue occurs.

  • Analysis Capabilities: TSR is the ONLY resource that compiles property data into a single online database. This allows investors to profile upcoming auctions in order to determine if the sale contains properties they are interested in.

    Tools are continuously being developed, but the following is an example of the capability TSR can provide. This tool profiles an auction to determine how many properties meet a defined set of criteria.

    Single Auction Profiling: http://www.taxsaleresources.com/member/custom_filter.aspx?auto_id=7540

    Although not currently available, this capability can certainly be extended to analyze an entire state to determine which auctions have the most properties that meet an investor’s specific criterion. This is most valuable in states like Texas and Georgia where all sales happen on the same day every month. This tool would allow investors to quickly narrow down which sale(s) to attend rather than planning to attend them all.

  • Continuous Improvement and Upcoming Services: TSR is a forward thinking organization that continuously incorporates investor input and knowledge gained by our staff into our daily processes. Doing so ensures that TSR has the highest quality and most efficient resources available, equating to cost savings that are passed on to investors.