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Attorney Interview with Maureen Zink on the Ohio Tax Foreclosure Process

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Click to download the white paper from Maureen Zink of Carlisle Law about the Ohio Foreclosure Process


The statutes that dictate the foreclosure process in Ohio fall under the Ohio Revised Code sections 57121.30-5721.43.  Maureen Zink of Carlisle Law goes into detail concerning the foreclosure process in her white paper.  It is specifically concerning the process after the tax certificate has been purchased.

Interview Summary

Although the redemption period in Ohio is one year from the date of the sale, redemption can occur until the confirmation of the sale during the foreclosure process.  Here are more details concerning the foreclosure process.

  1. A Notice of Intent (NOI) is also considered the Request to Foreclose.  This must be obtained and submitted to the County Treasurer after one year from the date of the sale and before a foreclosure case can be filed.
  2. A foreclosure case must be filed within 120 days after receiving a certified NOI.  If the case is not filed timely, the certificate can be voided.
  3. Property owners may set up a payment plan with the County Treasurer during the one-year redemption period but that repayment plan must conclude within that year.
  4. Property owners may also set up repayment plans with the certificate holder but the same rules apply for timeliness.
  5. Legal representation is strongly encouraged for the foreclosure case and attorney fees are reimbursable with certain stipulations for private attorneys.
  6. If a judgment is obtained, then the property is offered through the sheriff’s office or a Private Selling Officer (PSO).  
  7. The parcel must go through two sale offerings and if no bidder, it is then forfeited to the certificate holder.


As with most tax foreclosure processes, timeliness is key for filing the required documents and notices.  Maureen Zink spells out those requirements both in her interview above and her white paper.  You can also find more information about the Tax Certificate process from Austin Barnes at Sandhu Law in his white paper and interview.

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