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Getting Started in Tax Sale Investing

Rachel Seidensticker
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Brian Seidensticker, Founder & CEO of Tax Sale Resources, and Rachel Seidensticker, COO of Tax Sale Resources, sit down for an in-depth interview sharing their joint knowledge of the tax sale industry. With a combined 20+ years of real estate and distressed property experience, the Seidensticker sibling duo have some great tips and insights to help investors get started in tax sale investing. This is a three-part series and it is recommended that you watch them in order.

What is Tax Sale Investing and What Types of Sales are There?

In this first video of the 3-part series, the Seidenstickers give an overview of Tax Sale Investing and break it down into explanations of tax lien, tax deed, and redeemable deed sales. This includes how tax sales became a collection method for delinquent taxes across the country bringing together the private sector and the governmental sector into a win-win relationship. And, as always, Tax Sale Resources fully believes in conducting your own due diligence, and Brian and Rachel explain why it's so important.

How To Get Started with Investing and What is Due Diligence

In part 2, Brian and Rachel Seidensticker dig deeper into the steps of actually investing in tax sale properties. Regardless whether you are investing in a tax lien, a tax deed, or a redeemable deed, there are the same basic steps that each investor should take to ensure they are minimizing risks. The bottom line...conduct your due diligence! The Seidenstickers explain more about what due diligence is recommended. Rachel even shows you how to find some baseline information to research a property.

Other Ways to Invest and What Rules Govern Tax Sales

In this final video of the Investing Basics, Brian and Rachel Seidensticker tackle a few more specifics about tax sale investing including where to find the tax sale lists so you know what opportunities are available and what are Over the Counter liens and how you find them. Plus, the Tax Sale Resources duo explains the rules and regulations that oversee this industry which includes a review of how the industry falls under the Sherman Anti-Trust Law.


Now that you have some basic understanding of how to get started in tax sale investing, you are ready to research the available sales across the country and what parcels are available in those sales. If you need to good jumping off place, check out the county you live in or counties closest to you to see when sales occur and research those properties since you know the area the best. Check out the Research platform to get started today with your investment activities. Happy Investing!

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Author - Rachel Seidensticker
Rachel Seidensticker
Chief Operations Officer
In the Tax Sale Industry Since 2010
Rachel is responsible for managing and overseeing the daily operations of Tax Sale Resources, which produces data for approximately 8,000 nationwide tax sales yearly. She started in the tax sale industry originally as an investor but decided to change course and team up with her brother (Brian Seidensticker) to build Tax Sale Resources quickly thereafter.

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