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Investment Process Basics

Rachel Seidensticker
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Learn more about the basic tax sale investment process from our Tax Sale Starters series.

The Difference Between Tax Liens and Tax Deeds

No two investments are the same. Learn the fundamental differences between investing in tax liens vs tax deeds with Tax Sale Resources CEO, Brian Seidensticker.

What is Tax Sale Investing?

There are three major buckets to tax sale investing including tax liens, tax deeds, and redeemable deed sales. Learn more about what these mean!

Is Tax Sale Investing Easy?

Be careful thinking that tax sale investing is easy...there is much more to tax sale investing than meets the eye. Be sure you are doing your due diligence and understand what else is important for you to know from Brian Seidensticker, CEO of Tax Sale Resources.

How to Select the Right Investment for You

It's important to understand both the tax lien and tax deed processes before fully deciding which may be right for you. Choosing your tax sale instrument really relies on how much money you have to invest.

What Type of Tax Sale Property Should I Invest In?

Even after deciding what type of sale you should invest in, it's also important to know your exit strategy so you choose the type of properties that you understand best.

How to Find the Best Place to Invest

Joanne Musa, the Tax Lien Lady, explains how to determine which places are the best to invest your hard earned money. She shares her 10+ years of secrets on choosing the state that is best for you!

Do All County Auctions Function The Same?

Mica Coleman, founder of Leverage, explains how not all counties function the same in tax deeds. However, there is a general set of statutes that they follow.

Learning About Tax Deeds and Liens Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

Brian Seidensticker, CEO of Tax Sale Resources, provides guidance to any new investors and how to best get started. His overarching advice is to do the research. Learn more!

How Do you Decide on Which State and Counties to Start Investing?

Deciding the states and counties you wish to invest really depends on the type of auction best fits your investment strategy or your ultimate goal. Stay away from "figuring it out while you go."

How Do I Find a Mentor?

It's important to really look at the educators that are in the tax sale space. Tax Sale Resources recommends services that don't necessarily ask for a bunch of money up front with a promise of huge returns! But, there are many solid educators in the space.

Who Governs Tax Sale Rules?

Bottom line the states actually set up the statutes governing tax sale rules but the counties are the collecting entities that hold the sales. Pay attention, though, because there are exceptions to the rules!

Do People Really Not Pay Property Taxes?

Short answer, yes. This is why the tax sale industry is in existence and you'd be surprised who doesn't pay!

What is a Redeemable Deed Hybrid Sale?

This is definitely a hybrid type of sale where the lien sale and deed sale collide. Watch to learn more!

How to Build Your Investment Strategy

Building your investment strategy doesn't start at the beginning, it starts with your end goal. Brian Seidensticker, CEO of Tax Sale Resources, shares some of the important considerations in figuring out your end goal and establishing your strategy.

What Is a Redemption Period?

What the heck is a redemption period and why is it important to your investment strategy? These redemption periods vary in each state and an investor will want to understand the timeline for the life of the lien.

There are Rules to Tax Deed and Lien Investing

Yes, there are some important federal rules to investing in tax deed and tax lien investing. We don't want you to get fined or end up in court because you didn't understand the rules. Be sure you fully understand collusion and how you can avoid getting into trouble.

Understanding What a Risk Ratio Is on a Property

There are always risks when investing in tax liens or tax deeds, but there are ways to mitigate that risk. It's important to prioritize due diligence to help minimize the risk on your investments.

Who Are The Tax Sale Auctions Intended For?

Investing in tax sale auctions is not for the faint of heart but anyone can research and purchase tax liens or tax deeds. There are some parameters in certain states that you have to fit into but for the most part, investing is for anyone. Listen to find out some of the basic criteria you will want to consider.

Why Do Counties Allow Tax Deed and Lien Investing?

There is a connection between the government and private sector for tax sale investing. There are big bonuses for counties when private investors are allowed to purchase property tax delinquencies.

When Are Tax Liens and Deeds Issued By Counties?

There are a set of statutes that determine when a tax lien or tax deed sale is offered by counties. In most cases there has to be at least one year of delinquencies, but there are differences across all states.

What are the Best Tax Lien and Deed States to Invest?

Understanding which tax lien or tax deed state are best is really dependent upon you, the investor. Find out more on the key to determining your targeted market.

Did You Know Land And Property Can Be Separate In Tax Lien/Tax Deed

It's important to pay attention to parcels that may be a mobile home because sometimes they may have the land included in the tax lien and sometimes they may not. It's important to understand your rights in both cases.

What!? There Can Be Multiple Tax Liens On The Same Property

It's important to understand that once you buy a tax lien, you may or may not be able to purchase subsequent delinquencies. However, past tax liens owned by other investors, may exist and it's important to be aware.

Buying Tax Deeds/Liens on Mobile Homes

There are some special considerations to keep in mind if you are purchasing mobile homes in a tax lien or tax deed sale. Learn what you should keep in mind if you are targeting these properties for purchase.

Do Live Tax Deed/Lien Auctions Create Better Returns

Property auctions can be both live or online. In this clip, Brian Seidensticker discuss whether or not live auction actually assist in increasing your rate of return.

Do you feel ready to start tackling your first tax sale investments? Be sure to get started on Research where you can find all the sales happening across the country!

Author - Rachel Seidensticker
Rachel Seidensticker
Chief Operations Officer
In the Tax Sale Industry Since 2010
Rachel is responsible for managing and overseeing the daily operations of Tax Sale Resources, which produces data for approximately 8,000 nationwide tax sales yearly. She started in the tax sale industry originally as an investor but decided to change course and team up with her brother (Brian Seidensticker) to build Tax Sale Resources quickly thereafter.

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