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Learn more about the post tax sale process from our Tax Sale Starters series.

Converting Tax Liens To Tax Deeds

The process to convert tax liens to a tax deed purchase varies from state to state. Learn some of the basics of the things you should know before heading into this transition.

Does a Tax Deed Wipe out Existing Mortgages?

Tax deeds and tax liens are usually superior liens and therefore mortgages are wiped out, but this is not always the case. Be sure to check your state statutes for the finer details.

What does a Notice of Abatement for a fire hazard mean?

Be careful with Notice of Abatements no matter what they are! Typically they do not get wiped out with a tax lien and the tax lien holder is responsible if a property goes to deed. Learn more in this video with Brian Seidensticker, CEO of Tax Sale Resources.

How Long is a Redemption Period?

This question can't be answered in one video because all redemption periods are different in each state! Brian Seidensticker supplies an overview of redemption periods and what you can expect during the waiting game.

What Liens Stay Attached After Tax Sale?

The biggest point to remember with what other liens stay attached to a property is that it depends on the state. Mortgages can get wiped out depending upon what state you are in so it's important to understand how each state operates.

What is Needed for a Quitclaim Verbiage?

Bottom line...find a lawyer. Listen to Brian Seidensticker strongly encourage you to ensure you have an attorney enlisted in each investment state to wisely file your quitclaim.

What Happens Once I Buy A Tax Lien?

It's important to understand that the process after you purchase a tax lien varies from state to state. There are some general steps that can be followed as long you understand where your lien is in the list of prioritized liens. Learn more!

What Do I Do When There are Multiple Investors On The Same Lien?

In most states, this is a rare occurrence, but it can happen. Learn a bit more on when and where you need to avoid multiple investors, and learn more about subsequent tax payments and more!

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