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Tax Liens Or Tax Deeds: Which Option Is Better For You?

Rachel Seidensticker
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Figuring out if tax liens or tax deeds are proper for you. It all comes down to your model and goals. Both can help grow your portfolio and give you that return on investment. Which should you prioritize - tax liens or tax deeds?

Which One Is Right For You? 

Before answering whether tax liens or tax deeds are proper for you, we first need to tackle the more pressing question; are you looking to own real estate or not? If you like real estate and are looking to buy more, do not invest in tax liens because the chances of owning real estate are slim to none. Below are some reasons why either is a good option for you.

Why Tax Deeds Is Best

For most investors we assist and work with, tax deeds seem to be the better option as they boast a much better return on investment over time. Tax deeds allow you to place capital and have more real estate. 

Why Tax Liens Are Best 

On the other hand, tax liens are suitable for a more passive approach to real estate investment. Tax liens will provide you with many options for investors with less than $50,000 to work with and a slow growth rate of return. 

Discover How Tax Sale Resources Can Help

Tax liens and tax deeds are challenging to maneuver. Tax Sale Resources is the only resource that compiles property data into a single online database. This allows investors to profile upcoming auctions. Contact us today at support@taxsaleresources.com. 

Author - Rachel Seidensticker
Rachel Seidensticker
Chief Operations Officer
In the Tax Sale Industry Since 2010
Rachel is responsible for managing and overseeing the daily operations of Tax Sale Resources, which produces data for approximately 8,000 nationwide tax sales yearly. She started in the tax sale industry originally as an investor but decided to change course and team up with her brother (Brian Seidensticker) to build Tax Sale Resources quickly thereafter.

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