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Rachel Seidensticker
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Tax Sale Resources has been an industry leader in tax sale data for over ten years. Our goal is to provide tax sale investors with a comprehensive, high-value resource.

Tax Sale Resources Equals Industry First 

We like to think of our clients as miners searching for tax liens and deeds, and we are the ones who supply the pickaxes and shovels. We want our clients to be successful through proper tax education. Our clients are the heroes, and we’re here to help them with their search for tax sale data!

What We Do Best

Tax Sale Resources is the industry leader in providing tax sale data to tax sale investors. We believe that a business should not be a one-person operation. We help our investors grow their business through a multi-team effort.

Who Are Our Clients? 

We work with a wide range of clients. Most of our clients are industry professionals who know the type of tax lien or tax deed they want to purchase. 

We help you secure funds at a scale that best fits your needs. We also partner with banks and significant funds to ensure you get the best resources available. In the end, Tax Sale Resources makes you the hero of your own story.

Learn More About Tax Sale Resources  

Interested in learning more? We look forward to hearing from you! Browse our website or call us at 877.982.9725.

Author - Rachel Seidensticker
Rachel Seidensticker
Chief Operations Officer
In the Tax Sale Industry Since 2010
Rachel is responsible for managing and overseeing the daily operations of Tax Sale Resources, which produces data for approximately 8,000 nationwide tax sales yearly. She started in the tax sale industry originally as an investor but decided to change course and team up with her brother (Brian Seidensticker) to build Tax Sale Resources quickly thereafter.

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