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The Pros of Investing in Tax Liens

Learn why tax lien investing may be a good fit for your investment model from Tax Sale Resources CEO, Brian Seidensticker.

The Cons of Tax Liens

This isn't a "get rich scheme"...tax liens take time to learn and understand and there are some pit falls. Learn what those are from Tax Sale Resources CEO, Brian Seidensticker.

Why Do Investors Bid Down Florida Tax Lien Interest Rate To 0.25?

Florida tax lien sales offer a bid down rate at the time of auction to investors. In most cases, the interest rate is bid down to a mere 0.25 percent which doesn't leave much margin for earning a return. However, there is a reason why investors are doing this...learn why!

Who Pays Taxes During Tax Lien Redemption Period

Find out what is considered a redemption period. Also learn who should be paying any other subsequent delinquent taxes during this redemption period.

What Is a Tax Lien?

Investors purchase the property tax delinquencies from county or municipal governments and essentially a lien is issued on the property. When these delinquencies are purchased, investors earn an interest rate of return and collecting jurisdictions balance their budgets for operations.

Learn the Top Three Lien Investing Strategies to Build Your Own Lien Investment Strategy

Before getting started investing in tax liens, it's best to set up your strategy so you can determine your return on investment. It's all about maximizing your return with the least amount of time. One key would be looking at lien states that have the highest interest rates. Learn more on the different strategies that you can assess for lien buying.

What Is A Bid Down Interest Rate At Tax Sale Auctions?

The competitive style of the bid down interest is not offered in every tax lien state so be sure to check out the statutes for your state and county. In this style of bidding, the lowest bid interest rate is the winner. In some of the states, an automatic penalty is earned. Learn more in the video!

What is a Random Selection Bid Process?

Some states practice a random selection bid process where all bids are placed and then the county will use a generator to choose who actually wins the bid. It's not a normal style of bidding but it is something to watch for so be sure to check out your state's statutes.

What is the Bid Down Ownership Bidding Process?

Bid Down Ownership is a rare bidding process but it does occur and it's important to understand what this means before you bid. Essentially it will only affect you if you end up going to tax deed on the property.

Does A Tax Lien Or Deed Really Wipe Out All Other Liens?

It's important to understand which liens survive and stay with the parcel that you invest in at a tax lien or tax deed sale. There are a few things like IRS liens that you would be responsible after the deed is filed before you can file for a quiet title.

5 Steps to Profitable Liens with The Tax Lien Lady

Joanne Musa, The Tax Lien Lady, shares her 5 Steps to finding profitable tax liens. These are the same steps that Joanne teaches her students in her programs, but first and foremost, it's best to understand how each state fits your investment strategies.

Where Can I Buy Tax Liens?

There are actually many different ways you can buy tax liens instead of just the standard lien sale hosted by the jurisdiction. Those are considered the primary auctions but there are other ways liens are available, so listen to learn more!

Ready to start investing in tax liens? Get started by using Research for all your due diligence needs!

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