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Learn more from our Tax Sale Starters videos with quick tips on how to invest in over the counter and deed overage properties.

How to acquire tax deeds/liens without bidding at auctions.

This niche area of investing allows you to review available liens or deeds without actually attending auctions. Any leftover items from a sale will usually be held by the county and are open to purchasing without the normal competition.

What are the properties on a struck off list?

What happens to parcels that don't get sold at the initial auction? Well, they are usually deferred or struck to the county. So, what does this mean? Watch to learn more!

Yes, you can buy liens from other buyers known as Secondary Liens

Not all liens have to be purchased at a sale. You can also find out who purchased the liens directly from the county and reach out to buyers to purchase them or use secondary market trade desks.

How to Invest in Tax Deeds without Going to Auction

Mica Coleman, Owner of Leverage, explains a way to invest in tax deeds without going to tax sale auctions by looking for Over the Counter options. Learn how to find the diamonds in this niche investment.

Avoid Competition and Purchase Deeds Over the Counter

The over the counter or struck off properties have a huge advantage...no competition! But what you need to remember is that many of these parcels have been to sale before and not purchased, so it's important to know what you may be purchasing.

How to Make Money with Zero Dollars

Mica Coleman, Owner of Leverage, talks more about surplus funds or overages. Any amount that is bid over the minimum bid is considered an overage and you can find the claimant to then claim a percentage. Mica shares more!

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