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Yearly in December


3 Years - Inside city limits, 4 Years for property outside city limits.

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South Dakota Codified Laws, Title 10, Chapter 22 - "Collection Of Delinquent Property Taxes ", Title 10, Chapter 23 - "Sale of Real Property for Taxes and Assessments", Title 10, Chapter 24 - "Redemption from Tax Sales" and Title 10, Chapter 25 - "Tax Deeds". The Entire tract is sold. Before making a sale of lands and town lots on which taxes have not been paid, the treasurer shall offer each separate tract for sale in the numerical order in which it appears on the tax list and receive bids for it. If any person bids the full amount of the taxes, interest, and costs due on the land or town lots, stating in the bid the lowest rate of interest per year at which the bidder will pay the taxes assessed and due against the land and lots, the treasurer shall sell to that person the land or town lots and shall issue a certificate of sale to the purchaser. (Sec. 10-23-8). The bid must be for the full amount of the delinquent property taxes, interest, and costs due on the land.

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