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State Summary

As in Connecticut and Maine, tax sales are conducted at the municipal, not the county level. The municipalities that sell deeds take ownership of the delinquent property and then sell it at auction. These sales are referred to as “taking” sales. Some of the small towns do not have any tax sales at all; delinquent tax properties are taken and held by the municipality.

The following was taken from the City of Boston’s website

“The City of Boston acting by and through its Public Facilities Commission by the Director of the Department of Neighborhood Development (through the Commercial Abutter Land Sale) sells surplus, tax-foreclosed, City-owned commercial land to private buyers who agree to invest in the development of the property. The City's goals with the disposition of these properties under the Commercial Abutter Land Sale is to promote private investment in real estate to revitalize the commercial districts in Boston's neighborhoods; increase jobs; generate new businesses and attract new customers to our business districts; reduce the City's holding of tax-foreclosed commercial land and to generate property tax revenues for the City of Boston. The Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) posts a list of these properties and takes private bids for them.”

Summary courtesy of Joanne Musa's State Guide