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I buy Tax lien certificates from investors that want their investment back404/04/201709/13/2017
Tax lien certificate to sell303/28/201304/04/2017
how do I find the address when only the legal address is listed?106/02/201306/02/2013
Tax Liens with Celltowers and Billboards201/27/201303/20/2013
Redemption times for each state102/13/201302/13/2013
I`m looking only for specific towns in the Maricopa sale102/06/201302/06/2013
Tax Liens Portfolios in Florida101/27/201301/27/2013
Due diligence when out of country?301/06/201212/23/2012
Hands-on Investment Training2908/14/201012/04/2012
Tax Liens & Deeds108/22/201208/22/2012
Reassigning Tax Certificate to the Bank207/26/201208/22/2012
Lending Against Tax Certificates108/15/201208/15/2012
Over the counter Tax Lien Certificates 2705/14/200906/30/2012
New York Counties with Tax Lien Sales105/30/201205/30/2012
buying properties205/08/201205/30/2012
Bankruptcy 203/05/201204/11/2012
looking for investors103/18/201203/18/2012
PIP-West Tax Agent Feedback307/15/201103/05/2012
Want to purchase aftermarket liens TODAY103/02/201203/02/2012
Code Enforcement Liends103/02/201203/02/2012
Foreclosed house in Anderson Indiana as investment project201/31/201201/31/2012
online tax deeds112/24/201112/24/2011
In a legislative proposal in New Jersey, tax lien investors could be elimin112/22/201112/22/2011
NJ counties broken down to Municipalities112/22/201112/22/2011
Tax lien successes - case studies112/19/201112/19/2011
Buying Tax Liens Online3106/15/200912/15/2011
NJ tax sales109/13/201109/13/2011
Tax-defaulted property108/16/201108/16/2011
Property listing108/16/201108/16/2011
Tax lien208/08/201108/11/2011
How often do Payments for purchased tax lien certificates go out?108/06/201108/06/2011
Legal Advice106/22/201106/22/2011
Tax Lien Software and online courses104/01/201104/01/2011
Buying Tax Leins online203/01/201103/28/2011
Foreclosing a tax lien 803/29/201003/26/2011
redemption period407/12/201003/17/2011
TSR Wewbsite 203/09/201103/11/2011
Tax Liens in Puerto Rico103/09/201103/09/2011
Need help with foreclosure/quiet title102/10/201102/10/2011
What other information would be useful?102/10/201102/10/2011
user agreement202/08/201102/10/2011
What is the best way to invest $500 in tax liens?202/04/201102/10/2011
LOOKING FOR INVESTOR102/04/201102/04/2011
Filtering the Tax Sale List?112/08/201012/08/2010
Looking for an Agent or Tax Lien Fund211/04/201012/07/2010
Use of Self-Directed IRA to Purchase Tax Liens510/27/201012/07/2010
Baltimore Apartment210/21/201010/26/2010
Successful OTC Investments discussion 802/25/201008/25/2010
Insurance for Investors208/04/201008/05/2010
over the counter tax liens207/26/201007/28/2010
Tax Lien Investing Explained!406/13/201007/13/2010
Online Tax Lien Bidding strategies?205/14/201005/14/2010
Online Auctions805/13/201005/14/2010
PRIOR LIENS203/07/201003/15/2010
New to Tax Lien Investing302/28/201003/01/2010
State map of the counties202/04/201002/05/2010
Face Value?201/28/201001/29/2010
Large Scale Lien Searches501/12/201001/13/2010
Tax Lien Confusion?412/04/200912/04/2009
Tax Lien list availability for 12/7/09 sale211/15/200911/15/2009
Ongoing Tax Lien Payment Mechanics411/12/200911/15/2009
Foreclosure proceedings time period question311/09/200911/15/2009
Bidding on Tax Liens and Not Paying507/26/200907/28/2009
Tax Liens vs. Tax Deeds706/15/200907/21/2009

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